Being optimistic is what it takes to lead a happy life.
Nothing more ,nothing hard,nothing tough.
Its as simple as that.
If you have a dream,just believe first ,that it will happen.
Just stop giving choices to your mind like if it will happen or if it won't happen.
Especially when it comes to your dreams or passions never,i say never,ever!
If you give choices or chances for negative thoughts,when there is slight drawback towards your venture,your heart and mind will only think it the other way,thats negatively and come to a conclusion,that it may not happen.
Which in turn creates negative energy as well as reflects in our actions,ultimately affects our dream to be only dreamt ,never achieved.
For normal situations in life,you can think either ways to tackle the circumstances,but when it comes to your dreams never!
Keep thinking positive,it will create positive energy around you.And what your heart dreams and thinks will come true......


rads said...

This is true. They say that whatever we try to converse with the universe always come true. Its like I keep on chanting that I want and will get a chocolate in the next 1 hour then sometimes it truly can happen. Don't think I'm crazy that was just an example :)

Sathana said...

ummm.ya.what we wish to have,we will have.i have personally experienced it many times.Nothing can go wrong without our knowledge. At least we will get a clue its gonna be right or wrong nu.