Lost in wonderland!

Am just happy.
As happy as the birds,
As happy as the flowers,
As happy as the breeze,
As happy as the rivers,
As happy as the trees .
Just dont get anything in my mind to compare with my happiness.Why am i happy?i dont know.i am dreaming all day.i am blushing for no reasons.i give a startled look whenever am spoken to,i take few extra attempts to grasp people say.i feel a warm feeling which i am not able to
why did  this happiness strike me?well, i dont know.
Am i gone nuts?No way,don't think so,ppl...
I am just happy,happy as ever,for no reason  i can figure out.i like being so.
Cant stop and wont stop!


Parv Kaushik said...

congats!!! this is such a bful feeling to be in.. when the mind isnt chattering and one feels meditative with the surroundings... with oneself... with nature! hard to explain.. gr88 to feel!!

Sathana said...

yep!it is:)

rads said...

it happens to me too sometimes. i loved the way u expressed ur feelings. great post!!!

Sathana said...

Tanx Rads:)