Attempting the tempting!

Cookery is in my mind nowadays,though am not a foodie.I eat only when am hungry or since it is a routine, '3 meals a day'.i do feed on choclets,chips and all other snacks as well.i had a misunderstanding of cooking before,i thought it would sweat a lot,the pan may burn,oil may spill on you,may get boils and pimples cooking in the hot flame and whatever wild a girl can think , i thought all and everything.i had never stepped into kitchen in an idea to cook.
At times when i did cos of the boasting my friends gave(to say the truth i felt ashamed to say 'i don't know to cook'),my dear sweet mom never allowed me to.She will itself complain that i don't even know to cook,but will not allow me to work,i.e cook.May be cos she was afraid of the mess ,i may create or afraid to eat what i cook or whatever,she never allowed.But i do make dosa's well,really yummy dosa's,crisp roasts, i learnt it from my mom when was about 13 or 14 yrs old itself.i do help her out by making dosa's when she is sick.u must add,i knew to cook rice as well,with my mom's help,i keep the proportinate water and rice in the electric rice cooker,which turns off on its own,so never had a prob with that.But anyone can do all such stuff,my brother even does. 
Alas,i made up my mind to cook,i wanted to master it.One fine day,when i told 'am gonna cook'.My mom was surprised and din't tell anything.She left the kitchen to me.After sincere prayers to sai and all other gods.I started my historical activity.After going through a few  cookery websites and books.i surrendered to my mom.i asked her to teach me to cook,she asked me to be with her and just see ,so that i will learn few basics initially.'Nope',i will learn by cooking itself,i said with decision.Then after my pleading her so much,she thought me to make tomato pulav.i made her sit in sofa ,and will ask her what to do.cuttin tomatos,'done,next step?'.Well .she was patient to my queries.i knew i was driving her crazy ,thats what mom's are for, yaar!.All was done,i did make tomato pulav,sweating and panting.i felt so tensed when my mom ate what i made waiting for her to her to say about my pulav,believe me ,i was never so tensed even for my exams.When she said ,it was nice and its rare to make so,in first attempt know how i felt, i was flying.I felt cooking isn't that tough,afterall
But  when i tried to recollect the steps involved making tomato pulav,i din't remember all the steps,cos i had just  heard my mom and followed her instructions,without losing confidence,asked her to repeat the steps and memorised,i din't mind,her laughing,i even took notes to revise later.But,that was the initial stage of cooking activity,guys!you know what, i tried a few lot recipes then and a much better cook now.My last hit in my family is my homemade 'naan'.Nowadays even in TV,books and internet,recipes catch my eyes faster! After all ,its the matter of attempting to the tempting foods......

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