My kiddoo brothers had finished their exams n they  went to my granny place yesterday for their vacation.It kindled the nostalgia of my vacations in me...wen i was schooling,though i was a very brilliant student ,i always longed for the annual leave n d vacation i wud hav at my granny's  place.My parents used to come wid me n stay a few days in our granny place,n leave me there n return to our city.My granny's place was about 450 kms from our city,v used to  travel either in car or bus,watever it was, i hardly slept durin d travel.I wil be so very excited abt the trip,meeting my grandparents n al my frens out there.
I  was rather a mischievious child than Tom Sawyer or Dennis the menace.i had a long list of frens,a very long list.Almost everyone in d street of my granny's place wer my frens.I was petted by d elders n befriended my age group n leaded those younger to me.i was a tomboy then, me wid my frens of my age used to climb trees,jump over the wall,race in our bicycles,build a house with borken things n old blankets,hold a party in dat house,wich rather had nothing but my cookery set n the party was jus lik party, not the real party ,u must portray dat u ate out of d plate n drunk out f d cups served emptily, n do al such mischiefs,dat drove my grandparents crazy...My grandpa was a police commissioner, n was gruff in his manners,,bt wen it cums to me n my pranks,he never scolded me.I was his pet as wel.But wat my grand parents worried a lot was abt my safety.
In evenings n after sunset ,v always opted to play hide n seek or the ghost plays written by me.I used to narrate the entire story sequence n assign d characters to al.I played d ghost character mostly...i liked to threaten my frens,i stil remember one such play wen al went wel n d ghost entered d situation as narrated,with the ghostly white blanket wrapped n paintings in my face ,my fren swooned...V hav a hearty laugh over it nowadays wen v meet,bt then v got much scared than d gal whom swooned' dat sumthing has happened to her,n it was our crime' .Such wonderfuldays,full of fun n frolic,freedom n al play no wrok at are always d special occasions of everyone's life.

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