Yeah ppl,ds article is on Friendship.The most valued n treasured relationship for everyone regardless of age.From grannies to Kindergarten kids,everyone in dis world want frens,luv their frens n jus cant imagine life  widout them.Its wid our buddies dat we share all our stupid to mindblowing thoughts, our dreams,our secrets n al tat v cant share wid our mom,dad,bro,sis n even huby.

For almost everyone mom wil b d 1 n best fren forever,its with her v start our life in ds world,play our 1 game,share our 1st secret n everythin,c s obviously d best close friend 4 al.Bt as v grow up v start hiding things to her n share our thoughts to our frens,u wud seen many kids carryin a doll altime,treatin it as best friend,feeding it,playin wid it,talkin to it n even complaining to it.Its kinda imaginary friendship ,wch the kid thinks abt the doll.Once the child s into kindergarten,school obviously gets lot of real frens n few frens remain forever in our life.few frens r jus passing clouds.

If u hav got true goodfrens hu care 4 u,luv u ,accept u as wat u r,hu stay wd u watever d situation is ,then u r d most luckiest person n ds world.Am luckiest too,i hav lots n lots of frens who r wd me n r ma well wishers.If u gonna count those intimate close frens wid whom i share al ma tots dey wil itself b more than twenty .i had a fren to take care of me,wen was sick.i had a fren to correct me wen i was wrong.i had a fren to make me smile,wen i was n tears.i had a fren to make me understand ma abilities wen i felt am lost.i even had a fren to make me understand everyone wil not be d same always n life.u knw wat i made frens n al walks of life,wid ppl of al status.i never had any superiority complex wen i was above them,or inferiority wen i was below them,bt one particular fren,whom i hav seen n her worst stages of life,n who s doing well now,hurted me few months on a sensitive issue,u knw wat, c made me cry n c made me understand wats life, n dat ppl r nt d same always,n hw innocent i hav been thinkin.n d worst part of it was c reacted as if c never knew dat c hurted me r am hurt...wel dats life,c s ma fren after all, i forgot dat hurt,bt nt d incident still.Well its obvious n any relationship no one can b cent per cent perfect n al wnt b gud to u always., "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his

friends."(John 15:13).these are d words of jesus christ.Awesome na.Even in our gr8 indian epics der r lots of characters wich reveal pure friendship n d one dat cums dat strikes ma mind instantly s d gr8 karnan, i hav always admired karnan for his friendship,kindness,braveness n al ,jus for hs friend duryodana ,he died,he is reaaaaaaaly gr8,his friendship is pure.

Well u cant expect ur fren to die for u in dis era,well wil u do tat?or wil i do?No exaggerations,no one wil,bt dats not wats needed.frens r for life,to live life.

So cherish frens,Nourish frenship.

Frens r 4 life,attimes dey r d LIFE





Anonymous said...

wat yu upto sathana? D title n end is captivating

Sathana said...

am upto blogging,he he he