HE and SHE

He is, her handsome prince
She is, his loving princess ever

He always,does 'everything for my girl'
She forever,says 'anything for my man'

He is,her Life
She is,his survival

Love is,What is eternal
Only,when it is mutual

Let 'he' and 'she' be blessed ever
With this love forever and ever......

Getting conscious......

Its time, i turned back 
Its time, i stopped to think
Its time, i doubted myself
Its time, i hated me
Well,i never must have
I never ever should have my dear

Thing were all fine
I  was the happiest
only till i doubted me
Things were all worse
I was the miserable
Only when i doubted me

I thought things are in my hands
Nope,god is the one who holds it
Thanks my lord
you made me realise atleast now
I would never doubt me,its you who guide me
Never,ever again ......

Oh my goodness,that has been a reaalllllly long time far away from my blog,just cast away.you know what,i missed my my blog so muchhhhhh and yeah, of course, my fellow readers and followers too who just appreciate me even for the most silly and most genuine post of mine.Well guys i just cant and wont stay away from my blog anymore.Well ,i guess god has decided that i must continue my scribblings and torture you guys,lol....
Okies cooooool.am really happy with my fellow readers who kept pinging and buzzing me in my absence,i just loved it,the feeling that am missed and wanted is so nice you know.Well,well ,well.My guys i will blog herafter regularly,no offline business anymore.
So ya,Happy reading my scripts.Tanx for making me feel special in my absence too and counting me in though i wasn't active....:))))))