Nope ,i dont have the heart to see some one rude to me or to any other.I have always given it back regardless of who it was may be my friens or my principal,just whoever.People do occasionally think from one end attimes and think that am the rudest girl,just seeing me giving the dose back,if only they knew that what has happened earlier.

Growing up is never always fun,people keep criticising you,if you are popular,whatever you do ,whether you are or not.I have been facing a lot such situations,but i never stopped to explain whom i am,if they think am rude,am least bothered.But my mom keeps preaching me ,society matters a lot and all must think me a good polite girl alone.I do go by her words attimes trying to be polite ever,smiling when hurt or one pest talks to you just toooo much or whatever.

It so happened that one day a senior of mine,standing in lab never bothered to answer my friends query,pretending to havent listened at all.Well ,i din't do anything then.After a few weeks,it so happened that she came to our class to me regarding a department function,i did the same and just the same,she touched and called i responded then,she enquired if i din;t hear me calling before,i said 'nope'.After all she would have understood how bad it hurts.May be this is kiddish ,to go for tit for tat,but i just wanted to share this ,may be am rude,whatever.I hate people who hurt,rude.......

I have been studying a lot ,lots and lots ,oh dearies ,nothing interesting but the syllabus.Trying to study hard yaar.You know what ,i planned to stay glued up to my book without any distraction of mind.The more i tried, the more i got distracted.What stupid mind i have ,never listening to me at any cost,huh?.Today,i just give it up to time .I studied an hour may be, you can call it the other way as 50 plus mins.Oh yaar,mind is really getting horned and seeks freedom ,when i try to capture it in my book.There was two in me, as shown in indian cinemas.A sathana like an angel warning me time is running and asking me to run with it and study  ,instead of wasting time.Yet another sathana ,with horns ,just telling me to laze out before the tv,or to start on  chatiing with friends .Yep,i was attracted and distracted as every other student does.But ,i have decided now,Am sathana,a girl who keeps up her thought,so to study with whole heart from tomorrow.He he he,after all confessions and resolutions always start from tomorrow right?huh?Okies,lets see how much i keep up my thought.......

Little one......

I have been watching her all day ever since i knew her.Each morning i wakeup to find her more beautiful then the day before.Each day i love to wake up by hearing her lovely sweet voice.Her touch makes me feel a feather.So are you guys ,wondering whom am talking about is it? well ,its a sweet little girl who resides next door.She is just an one and half years old little one,but she just makes me mad with her smile.So sweet is her smile than that of  honey.I gaze upon her simply to see her walk with her tiny legs,i just keep hearing her talks,believe me i never understood what she says,but still i love to hear her.You know what i keep asking my mum before i would have been like this little girl,what all i did then and all other stuff.And the reply from her was  a wierd look followed by a query back to me, 'where you from mars?haven't you seen small girls before?'.Well,she may be  right,but none attracted me so much as this girl,just note na ,she made me write a post for her.Well,whether this post is interesting or crap,i enjoyed talking about a little one whom i admire a lot......


Life has been keeping me so happy
i got everything i ever needed
i got everything i gazed upon
i got everything i passed by
i got everything a girl ever dreamt of

Wait,did i get what i wished for?
Don't i ever have my own wishes?
Was this my real happiness ?
Am i like a slave to this life?
Do i live on whatever life gives me ?

I feel i lost my originality ,my uniqueness,myself
I never have lived up life,yeah i never have
Where do i search my life again,where did i lose it?
I learnt to adjust and that is where my originality departed
I must never have learnt adjusting,i lost my self

Just in festive mood yaar,no mood to study,no mood to sit idle,no mood to browse,no mood to even write some poem or story,u see the words just doesnt fall in place even for a story,i have been shopping and shopping and still feel i have something yet to get.Thanks to my mum,all sweets and savouries are know, what i do daily is to plan, to study for exam, note,just planning,i take out my book plan which chapter is easy and what can be done and all such stuff and then keep it aside thinking that i have studied hard for the day.Then i try to relax my self and keep my brain active ,sharp whatsoever you can call ;)and try to play some games in my system some brain teaser games,some animated games and all stuff,i endup browsing.what was supposed to be a relaxation, would make me much tired and i just rest before the tv with all the eatables in hand and give nonstop work to my eyes and yeah ofcourse,my mouth.Atlast fall a sleep, this is what is happening with me for the past few days,well,i guess sathana has turned out to a lazy bug,may be a lazy lazy lazy bug.Okies, the point of this post was to wish you all a very happy and safe diwali.After all festival is to enjoy,so ya enjoy ,have fun,burst out with crackers and laughter,eat all stuff forgeting your diet,Happy Diwali friends:)

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It, is,with you...

If you are not, able to smile
When a friend of yours,near and dear
Changes with time,brings out your tear
The trouble, is, with you...

If you are not, able to know
Who cares ,you the most
whom,you can always trust
The blunder,is, with you...

If you are not able to succeed
Keeping your confidence, up
When there is disappointment, showing up
The gaffe,is , absolutely with you...