Just in festive mood yaar,no mood to study,no mood to sit idle,no mood to browse,no mood to even write some poem or story,u see the words just doesnt fall in place even for a story,i have been shopping and shopping and still feel i have something yet to get.Thanks to my mum,all sweets and savouries are ready.you know, what i do daily is to plan, to study for exam, note,just planning,i take out my book plan which chapter is easy and what can be done and all such stuff and then keep it aside thinking that i have studied hard for the day.Then i try to relax my self and keep my brain active ,sharp whatsoever you can call ;)and try to play some games in my system some brain teaser games,some animated games and all stuff,i endup browsing.what was supposed to be a relaxation, would make me much tired and i just rest before the tv with all the eatables in hand and give nonstop work to my eyes and yeah ofcourse,my mouth.Atlast fall a sleep, this is what is happening with me for the past few days,well,i guess sathana has turned out to a lazy bug,may be a lazy lazy lazy bug.Okies, the point of this post was to wish you all a very happy and safe diwali.After all festival is to enjoy,so ya enjoy ,have fun,burst out with crackers and laughter,eat all stuff forgeting your diet,Happy Diwali friends:)

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