Life's gaining on me

Life's gaining on me
i try to shake it off with my smile,
i opt to lose myself in my dreams.

What life's planning to portrait me
i don't know.
What i wish to portray myself
i do know.
Trying to  build my castle
Attempting to create an empire.

Reading to realize,i know a drop
Writing to comprehend,i can scribble
Talking to grasp,i can share
Laughing to just know,i enjoy
Smiling to make out,i am
Loving to just know,i live

On unfolding my dreams,
i find the mystery of pain.
Miracles happen.
Walk towards passion,
Tears will follow for no reason.
No matter whatever happens,
i cultivate my dreams and passions.

Life's gaining on me...


Parv Kaushik said...

a beautiful poem it was....

rhyme and rhythm feels lyk music!

keep blogging!!

Sathana said...

Thanks parv!