If only i knew......

If only i knew,child's innocence is  its gift 
It is for in future, its forfeit

If only i knew,a girl should not only be seen and heard
She should also be smart,strong and bold

If only i knew,friends are not made  
They are also born, at times

If only i knew, relatives are not like people in attic
They are always, our critic

If only i knew, whatever we do,our family never fall
Family is, above all

If only i knew, am not the only one in my hubby's heart
There are things, attimes to put us apart

If only i knew, my child too has its own life
Even if i care living for it,my entire life

If only i knew,life is a crap
I would have, gone out of the map

If only and only if i had....


rads said...

Agree with you that life is crap :)

Sathana said...