A racket-getting ready!

i screamed for my pair of shoes
But no one gave me those
i ransacked
yelled at the top of my voice
Alternative scolding from the kitchen
came to frighten-My mom
No use,of my yelling,
i had to stand the scolding
my brother teased
as it was a chance
and my temper increased.
After a few minutes fight
with my brother-the crossest
i found the shoes on the compound wall
where i had kept it to dry(after a wash)
Remembering this,I-with dismal
made a face of wry
And on i wore it,half wet
Then waited for the  school auto all set
'pomp!pomp!'cried the auto
i entered and scooted away
Bidding my tensed mother tata!

-hey guys!The one, post above is the poem of a 9 yr old girl,wrote about ten yrs back.As a kid,she did have immense knowledge of grammar,poetry,articles and really very good vacabulary.Years have gone,the kid has grown up,but not her skills as it should have or was expected to be...lol.Well, its my poem which i wrote in my 5th standard.When i went through my school magazines today, i found this article of mine and hence had an idea to post.Well,you must really appreaciate the girl for having had the thought to write even from her situation of getting ready to school and searching her shoes,without thinking of situations or just imagining or blah blah blah.But i guess she does all that now at this age.huh?

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