My india......

My  dear country- India

Words can never reveal its worth

Can i call upon thee to reveal its qualities?  

Family hierarchy to reveal the dynasty

Sculptures to portray how artistic we are

Various religions  to show unity in diversity

Oldever civilisation to show how upright we are

Mighty kings to show our bravery

Ahimsa to show our love for others

Culture structured to live,life happily

Epics narrated to stimulate a positive attitude

Cuisines fetched out the foodie in me

Sarees brought out the feminity in me

Everest stands to speak my altitude of pride

Taj mahal shines to convey my love for it

 India is my country which i love ever

Its my paradise on earth,always a treasure


rads said...

A great tribute...nice write-up

Sathana said...

Tanx rads

Sathana said...

@parv ,i lost your comment while publishing:(

Parv Kaushik said...

@sathana :( hahaha! no problm!

Sathana said...