Heart Rules!

'Send the boy  where he wants to go and see his best speed'

Hey,people,i read this quote somewhere, don't remember where,well that is not what's important now.The sense is obviously true.When it came to time management,i was taught a tactics by my school teacher.It was to make a list-Must do's and Wish to do's.She asked me to write the must to do things like assignments,studying for tests and all other stuff depending upon the need.Wish to do's list consisted of all other tasks,i wanted to do like painting,reading books,cycling..,etc.
Each day was to be started by making the list and to be reviewed before sleeping if i had completed all the tasks promptly.As a obedient child,yep,i was obedient then,though may not be now,i did indeed make the list.To make a list and all was interesting,to knew the tasks, their importance,was kinda excited yaar.But wait,i haven't completed,read along.Each day review at the end just showed me,that i was good and efficient in completing the wish to do list,he he he,it happens, and only a very few of the tasks from Must do list were done,that too not much perfectly.i would have taken such long hours to complete simple math problems(who ever told maths is easy???grrrr) or writing few pages of assignment.i figured out something.
Guess what,i stopped making the list in the later days.Nope,don't come to a conclusion,i did something better.I had it in my mind,that i must finish all the tasks whatever it was,must do's or wish to do's.i still follow the same.It works!you can't even move a pin without your heart and soul,it will weigh a ton.Everything is in the mind and heart,guys.If you desire to do a task, you will excel it out with  flying colours.If you do not wish to,it will be the worst ever.
okies,okies, i am just trying to say put your heart and soul in whatever you do,to succeed.We will be expected to do things,that doesn't interest as well.It happens,but thats life.Attempt to do it cheerfully,so that you can finish that work soon and  flyback to your interests.Heart rules mankind!

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