Miss u......

We have been really these happy days
As happy as trees   in May

With you by my side
Kept all my fears aside

The voice of you
The thought of you

The cranky messages you sent
The poetry words you said

The warmth and comfort we shared
We were miles away which we never cared

Everything and each thing you did to me
Made me feel am the princess of your heart

I do discern nothing in you has changed
But why do i miss you, still??????

I love you......

I love you......
Which you think,i shall speak out

I love you......
What you tell,i shall follow instantly

I love you......
When you need,i shall be there

I love you......
Why you worry,i shall cry then

I love you......
Where you go ,i shall go too

I love you......
Am With you now and always......

Something is yet to be said or done
I attempt to figure it out

Is it cos of life's hushing rush
Which conquers my mind alltime

Or is it cos of the superiority complex 
Or possessiveness or whatever

I am fed up of things 
Which were close to me once

I run out of thoughts
Even to my dearies and fairies

Life is as usual in its run
Which no longer appeals me as fun

I need  a  word or deed
Which is my very need

A word which will invigorate
A deed making me feel venerated

Am the one ,the ONE who is me and very much me
And i wish to conquer and occupy my place ,solely......