My india......

My  dear country- India

Words can never reveal its worth

Can i call upon thee to reveal its qualities?  

Family hierarchy to reveal the dynasty

Sculptures to portray how artistic we are

Various religions  to show unity in diversity

Oldever civilisation to show how upright we are

Mighty kings to show our bravery

Ahimsa to show our love for others

Culture structured to live,life happily

Epics narrated to stimulate a positive attitude

Cuisines fetched out the foodie in me

Sarees brought out the feminity in me

Everest stands to speak my altitude of pride

Taj mahal shines to convey my love for it

 India is my country which i love ever

Its my paradise on earth,always a treasure

Happiness continues......

And so what happened was,i found a theme interesting and a theme which captivated me.Well guys this is that.So how is the new look of sathana's blog???she is so excited about it.She has put in  nearly a lot of her time altering it.Its all in the game.
Am so happy today too,my happiness goes on and on,no words to explain my happiness.Something or the other keeps me happy and smiling.yo guys,am born to be happy :).I was thinking, how am i gonna bear the happiness,when god fulfills my dreams and wishes.But you know what , i realised onething, which normally people say, happiness is in our mind not anywhere else.May be i am mastering the art of being happy.So what is in hold for you guys is just this quote,to keep you guys too  happy.Try out......


You know what today am so happy,don't know why,i feel this happiness often.Though i think to find a reason,i just can't find anything.What i did all day was just to relax...which means to lay in the bed with my favourite comics -tinkle,archies.etc,with my favourite snacks-cheetos,fruit &nut,tea cake,just tryin to read a story and eat and dream.You know what it is my favourite pastime ever.Simply love to be so.May be thats the reason ,am so happy today.Dreams keep us happy always,keep us going,make us smile,urges us to live,tempts us to do a lot .right?i dream of everything that is achievable not achievable,yo man afteral its a dream,why shouldn't i think what is not possible in it atleast?You know what,i climb even mountains,perform stunts,kick of enemies like Angelina jolie in tomb raider,i rule over the kingdom as the princess,fly above clouds like superman and what not?whatever my heart desires...Dream is fiction,but its happiness is fact.

I am my dear......

I may not be there,where you are attimes,
but am always there
I may not be  able to talk to you,when you call,
but am always talking in our hearts

I may not be in your arms,when you need
but am always there
I may not be with you,smiling at you
but am in your smile

I may not be able to give my praise,when you win
but then,am the proudest
I may not be there to console you,when you lose
but am the one who cares most

I may not be able to,but i am my dear......

Feeling lost...

Few things in life never had an answer.Why we come across stupid situtations?why we do wrong?why we come across bad times?why our friend leaves us?why do we fail the important work?why we cry for a movie?why we feel bad about ourself's?Why our dear ones are not with us when we need them?The list goes on and on.Hope everyone would have heard "nothing ever does happen without god's knowledge".If so why the hell does he create all such situations and experiences in life.Everyone are god's child right?Then why should he give us a bad situation and then save us from that?Why should he a create a terrorist as well as a priest?Are we toys for him to play with?Just feeling lost :(

Sana lay in the rug.Her music sytem was playing the best of her favourite music,but little did it capture her attention.She lifted her head once in a while, to see the words, her man,Rishi, has texted her that day.Her mobile din't find her,seeing any other sms the whole day.She just opened her man's sms and read it again and  again."sorry,i couldn't catch up today,will see you on monday,take care".She knew nothing else can be done,but to wait for monday.She missed him  so much.
Rishi was out in a movie as promised,with his cousin who has come home for vacation.Has to take his mom to shopping that evening.and list goes on since it was a weekend,and all of his family members wanted him to spend time with them each in their own way.But inspite of all such demanding works,he missed sana badly,even a moment of loneliness will take his thoughts to sana.
About an year ago,as we all say ,by destiny,rishi and sana met each other.Without knowing that they are going to fall in love for one other,they became friends.Rishi will be the first,to pull sana out of her legs whenever he gets chance and sana would also be the first,to tease rishi.They had goodtimes,bad times,fights,smiles,cries and all other stuff which happens in every relationship.But never did they let each other down.Rishi will even flirt other girls before sana to see her turn red and sana in return would talk to everyone out there, except rishi,to tease him back.But deep in their heart they knew how they cared each other.By hook or crook,god tied them up together,and now they are the cuttest,lovable,caring and understanding pair ever.
They stood up all bad times,but what they both could never stand for was missing each other.It so happened that attimes,by something or the other each other couldn't meet,talk and be with each other.Those days pained morethan anything on this world,but thats life...Dreams and converstion in hearts made them smile.Longing for each other too, makes them live.Soon they will be married and live a harmonius life with rhythm of love and care.Then happiness will alone speak their love in their eyes.God bless them.

Hey guys,if you find this interesting do let me know,may be i will write this story in detail in series as one post daily stating their sweet nothings,freaking fights,romantic moments,love and all such events.What say yaar?

What is your happiness??????

"Whats your happiness,ma?",i asked my mom.She gave me wierd look."what???".I repeated with an addition of another query,"what is your happiness?what makes you happy?".She told instantly,"if you ,your brother and dad are happy and well,thats my happiness,your wellness makes me happy".I smiled at her ,same did she.I was bit moved and felt heavy,mom's are always so.In few minutes as i lay in sofa,thinking her words.I got a call from my friend,i asked her the same.She replied,"if i get a day or two of break from work ,that makes me happy,i can relax as much as i want" .I asked my little brother ,he told me if kolkatta knight riders win thats his happiness,since he is a fan of sharukh.i went on asking whom all i met today,who all rang up to me,who all came online, know what,i just got different,unique,unlike,diverse replies.Yo..,man,where on earth do they get such thoughts on happiness.yeah ,everyone is unique,but was kinda coooool experience knowing people's know a little imp in our apartment told she will be happy only when the girl opposite to her apartment falls down in her bicycle.I was gasping.Oh my god!such mean thought at such small age,she portrays thats her happiness.
I think this post is nonsense at one thought,but you see,my happiness reflects in my post.Well,am not so very happy nor sad,i am missing something.I feel incomplete.I am not able to put my soul into this script,i repeat this again and again.Sathana will fix up things soon.
It happens,its all in the game.


Have you ever hurt anyone whom you really care and love so much?Well,if so when you came to know you have hurted them,how on earth did you feel?did you feel much worse than you think that would have hurted them or did u feel bad about yourself? i felt ashamed of me.I felt that i behaved selfishly.i cursed myself and experiencing an ununderstandable mysterious pain.It just made me understand acting without thinking just cos she is your dear friend or your dear mom or your's will just make the other person feel uncomfortable.I am kinda disturbed yaar,life is still unwinding me lot of emotions and lessons to me.God only knows,what is still in hold,but in the other instinct its okay man,it just teaches me how and what and all i must avoid in future.Growing up can never be always fun.Life is n't too good always.
Well,well.cooooooool,this post is  of  my rants.Sathana is becoming nuts,she hurts and gets hurted :(

Oh my god!

I had a bad idea to change my blog,the way it looked,the way it was,the background and all such stuff,in short to change its template.I did find an idea of uploading one of my favourite rain snap as the background,I worked on its HTML as know i haven't put my effort so, even in my engineering labs or my practicals.I did put my heart and soul,this day,its sulry afternoon,sitting in my system,though the stupid Ac din't work, sweating and puffing.And yeah,whatever i do,i do it efficiently right,so i did complete the task.I had to change the entire formatting right from the wigets,everything,it took me the whole of afternoon to complete it out.It showed a lot of errors in the HTML and well i somehow managed to get what i wanted it to look like.So you want to know what was the problem that made say 'Oh my god!'huh?wait, see the blog did look presentable and nice.But i din't get attached to the new picture,it made me feel at someelse blog,i was sentimentally attached to my dear old template.Moreover i felt it would be slightly difficult for the readers to read since the background was rain.So, i just switched back to old one.It made reconstruct the entire blog,its widgets,its gadgetsand everything:(
It all started in my thought to try out change.'Weeeeeeell.sathana ,change is not for a sentimental stupid like u',i said myself.Okies,Anyways,i have learnt HTML better than before.
Its all in the game......

I hate you?

A hatred has come over in me
I guess it hasn't come over now
It has growed and nutured deep
In my heart as i grew

This hatred is towards the rules
Those ruining rules laid on me
Never did i have any clues
You will know only if you were me

It made wry and cry
It got my best and worst
It hurted badly and sadly
It builded me a toy and coy

Rules has to be broke
Rules has to be laid
Former, those others laid on me
Latter, what i want on me

Rules are to make us live, life
Not to make us run out of life
I can make my very own rules
That is what the remedy,the only capsule...


Devil is out in me

"Idle mind a devil's workshop"

How many of you agree to this saying?I don't.i have always experienced nice thoughts which can be long cherished and valued when my mind is idle.But though my mind is busy with hectic work and pressure, i have always had evil thoughts,which the devil in me creates:(.I will not be able to finish the work i was doing, efficiently.I will be carried of ,with my evil, it happens.I feel whether we are idle or active,we should try not to be affected by the evil thoughts.My mind is not in its way today,this is also one my vacant thoughts post.I guess i post so,atleast once in a week.Its that wicked evil,not sathana.....I don't have anything to say ,but to bear this no sense post......

I don't go by words......

I don't go by words,when a baby cries for milk
I don't go by words,when a child longs to play
I don't go by words,when a girl wills to venture dreams

I don't go by words,when a mother hugs in care 
I don't go by words,when a friend clutches from fall
I don't go by words,when a said to be rival smiles

I don't go by words,when the rain is so tempting 
I don't go by words,when a rule is not a rule indeed
I don't go by words,when actions speak more than words

I don't go by words,when the eyes reveal what the lips deny
I don't go by words,when spoken words were really not meant
I can never go by words,when my heart tells what am into is right......

I,me,My mom......

I just can't tell how much i care
My love for you is  tender

Am your angel,attimes am your devil
You bear with me with a smile

I hurt you badly,Drive you mad
I always do it to you when am sad

I confide in you,attimes maintain secrecy
Though you know it,you give me privacy

I fight to eat
 a racket i create

Whatever i do,say or behave, you are the same
If only i knew having you is my real fame

I have to tell you,Everthing that is gifted in me is cos of u
Everthing that has hurted you is cos of me

My sweet dear mother,You are so soft as a feather
You are the sweetest mother ever,am afraid i ain't a perfect daughter

Uninterestingly interesting...

hey people,if anyone has just dropped in to read something interesting today,well, sorry.i am not posting interesting today.Am rather in vacant thoughts now.I don't know if we call it is as vacant thoughts,i have a thought to post na,i mean i have it in my mind that i must post daily right?I do have other thoughts as well.But what to share?what to?i have no idea.
Am just  going to script whats going on my mind,whatever it is.
-Sleep has become a rival to me,it never does come when i need it and comes without any prior notice,when am just awake to do some work.
-Am running short of words to express things at times
-I can never complete any sms or post without go iam again...
-I think of writing something that wins millions of hearts
-I just  like appreciation,praise or flattery whatever it is,it makes me feel high and happy
-I should stop being careless and write out something serious hereafter
-But wait,i think my poems and stories are really awesome,though am not so serious yet into writing
-I have a great talent of writing without editing,he he he,if only u knew my first script is always my final too
-I can never read my script again,sorry ,only my fellow readers you deserve that punishment ha ha ha
-And yep,another thing,i sit before the monitor and think of the idea or concept or whatever i have to write that day
-I am a self dabba atimes,it happens yaar
-I become happy while writing or reading,it keeps me smiling
-The second thing that makes me instantly happy is dreaming
-Okies,though am not sleepynow, i think i will go to sleep now and dream of writing something interesting tomorrow
-And yo...I guess this post has become interesting now,its not as i said in the starting,what do you guys say?


I am,in the situation of robert frost
Life is giving me choices among the rest
I have to choose one,at my own cost
And that,what would be my quest.

I sit up in my bed thinking all night,
Is there anything which will make everything all right?
Yep,It is to hold my dream tight,
And to make it true ,even fight.

Life gives me a mixture of emotions
It tries to make  me stay
Am standing among all the commotions
Wanting to make my way.

I need to pave my way to make myself, alive
Have to care for my dears, make them say
This is for what you gotto live
What am i gonno do to yay?

Letting go of my dream is to let go of my life
Without my life,why the hell should i stand on this worldly knife?

Love story of a princess

It was a very pleasant evening.All the people in the kingdom were so happy and smiling.Each girl and boy in every home,was getting ready for the party tonight at the palace.The princess turned 21,that day and the king wanted to celebrate it,with his fellow people.The excitement among the guys were more,because they have heard of the beauty of the princess,but never seen her.Girls too just longed to have a glimpse of the princess.
"Sam,should we really go to party tonight?",asked maximus,annoyed  seeing the frantic efforts of sam 'getting ready for the party' ."what??don't you wanna see the princess?we are going",replied sam decidedly.Maximus never did care for any girl.All, he loved in his life was his horse,his sword and chances to reveal his bravery.Sam stood wearing his best suit, with a content heart before the mirror and asked ,"Do i look handsome?maximus...".Maximus gave a dry look,but he has to accept because sam did look dashingly handsome."yeah ,man ,you look great!",replied maximus.Sam added,"do wear some other dress maximus,we are going to the grand party of the king,for the princess birthday",looking at the the plain clothes of maximus."Its okay man,lets go",maximus replied.Sam knew he can never make maximus do what he doesn't feel like doing,so he has to agree.They left to the party.
Party was on,when they entered.People were fluttering like butterflies,cheerfully,as if they themselves were princes and princesses.It was cool sight to visualize,really rare sight.All were in one place,the princes of various nations,the landlords,the peasants and fellow country people.
Each one were treated alike in the grand party,It created a chaos among the princes.When all the chaos,were still on.

Entered princess sarah,her long frock trailing,her earrings tingling,diamonds on her necklace shining.She looked like an angel come to earth.All the princes who were expressing their annoyance on the disgrace done to them to be treated along with country people,just forgot everything.They coudln't take their eyes of sarah.The other  people were happy and dumstruck as well.Everyone was gazing sarah like anything.Sarah went near the king ,unaware of the sensation she has created.
Sam ,shouted in happiness"look! she is here",he added,"Oh my god! she is awesome".Maximus did not hear what sam said.He was carried away by the princess as well.He couldn't speak ,he just was n't live there.Everyone wanted to get introduced to sarah.Several prince attempted to get her attention,they hurried to her and kept talking something.Nothing seemed to interest sarah,she was as silent as grave ,nor did she give them a reply or a glance.
Maximus recovered to his senses.'she is my girl',he thought,'i have to take her hand'.He just walked straight to  princess sarah."My dear lady! would you like to dance with me?",he said with a smile.Sarah was attracted by the voice and its query,none had the guts to talk to her so.She lifted her face,to see him.She found a young man looking at her with a cute smile in his eyes and lips,asking her hand.Hardly could she speak anything.What she did ,she never knew,she kept her hand in his.Maximus held her hand as gently as if he was carrying a flower.They walked to the dance floor,started dancing, the music changed from polka and then to salsa and on.Oblivious of the music and others gazing at them in astonishment,sarah and maximus danced, his hand in her waist,her hands around his neck seeing each other,his eyes smiling at her still,her lips smiling at him back.Neither did maximus speak nor did sarah,but they had understood their love for each other.
Love had it's magic charm on them.Sarah and maximus married and lived happily everafter,with the same love,warmth,care and affection till their last breath.

Closing moments:Love is what was needed for their happiness.Sarah left her kingdom for her man-Maximus.Maximus never let her hand go,after she kept her's in his, at the party.He stood against the king, daringly and married her.To him,she was the princess always and his treasure.To her,his home was the palace and he was her kingdom and world.Love is, what made their life......

If only i knew......

If only i knew,child's innocence is  its gift 
It is for in future, its forfeit

If only i knew,a girl should not only be seen and heard
She should also be smart,strong and bold

If only i knew,friends are not made  
They are also born, at times

If only i knew, relatives are not like people in attic
They are always, our critic

If only i knew, whatever we do,our family never fall
Family is, above all

If only i knew, am not the only one in my hubby's heart
There are things, attimes to put us apart

If only i knew, my child too has its own life
Even if i care living for it,my entire life

If only i knew,life is a crap
I would have, gone out of the map

If only and only if i had....

My dear tree

This is my tree
I always love to see

It is my best friend
Our love knew no end

It had me in its branches
As a kid having crunches

It gave me cool breeze
When i finished my race

It showed me love
As if i was in its branch,as a dove

It made me feel a motherly warmth
Which i never felt anywhere else on earth

My sweet dear  tree ,u are
What am i gonna do to u ,to show my care?

You show your care with shade,breeze and oxygen
Mankind show their meanness with deforestation

Am not able to save you
Am i fit to be a friend of you?

Being optimistic is what it takes to lead a happy life.
Nothing more ,nothing hard,nothing tough.
Its as simple as that.
If you have a dream,just believe first ,that it will happen.
Just stop giving choices to your mind like if it will happen or if it won't happen.
Especially when it comes to your dreams or passions never,i say never,ever!
If you give choices or chances for negative thoughts,when there is slight drawback towards your venture,your heart and mind will only think it the other way,thats negatively and come to a conclusion,that it may not happen.
Which in turn creates negative energy as well as reflects in our actions,ultimately affects our dream to be only dreamt ,never achieved.
For normal situations in life,you can think either ways to tackle the circumstances,but when it comes to your dreams never!
Keep thinking positive,it will create positive energy around you.And what your heart dreams and thinks will come true......

Princess in love!!!!!!

I am the princess ,gorgeous  ever
Born as a feather,brought up with care
Little indian princess as i am
Longing for my prince to whom, am.

When will my prince come in his white horse?
Is this longing being a princess a gross?
I muddle
Waiting for his cuddle.

Stars up in the sky
Make me feel shy
I regret my loneliness
I just want his brashness.

It never showed in my almanac
That  i will behave like a crank.
I may be the princess who rules
But am a girl whom he rules.

Little indian princess as i am
Longing for my prince to whom,am.
Take my hand my dear prince
Never let go,am your prize......

Networking-this is the keyword for success.People say so.In this era of internet,we have a lot social networking sites like facebook,orkut,myspace,hi5..etc and also sites depending on eachone's specific taste like twitter to update all on ur status,flickr to share photos and videos,wayn for travelling.I haven't mentioned all the sites available still,it goes on,i have mentioned only few popular sites.
But friends have we ever cared to network properly or to mingle with our family members?
our relatives?
our neighbours?
our colleagues?
our collegemates?
our school mates?
Well,the answer would be 'No'.We live as if we live in mini islands in our own home,shut up in rooms.We hardly smile at the opposite flat person nor does he ,at us.We never mingle up with all our colleagues or college mates or school mates,what mostly happens is group formation,backbiting,gossiping,envying and all such crap.But we show off to have hundreds of friends in networking sites.We care and spend time scraping,texting someone unknown to us somewhere.why even the one who would have studied with us or worked with us and whom we never bothered  to talk then,we text so eagerly when that one is far from us now.Yeah ,this happens. 
Why are we becoming so mean?where is the problem?Is it with us or something?what say yaar?

Silence speaks,does it?

Silence speaks!".............................................................................................................................................
Did my silence speak? ha ha ha.Na,am not trying to fool around.i donot have a single thought now to share:(.But you see,i made up my mind when i started blogging,that i mustn't miss a day without posting in my blog,so am just writing nonsense today.Bear with me,my fellow readers...

Lost in wonderland!

Am just happy.
As happy as the birds,
As happy as the flowers,
As happy as the breeze,
As happy as the rivers,
As happy as the trees .
Just dont get anything in my mind to compare with my happiness.Why am i happy?i dont know.i am dreaming all day.i am blushing for no reasons.i give a startled look whenever am spoken to,i take few extra attempts to grasp people say.i feel a warm feeling which i am not able to
why did  this happiness strike me?well, i dont know.
Am i gone nuts?No way,don't think so,ppl...
I am just happy,happy as ever,for no reason  i can figure out.i like being so.
Cant stop and wont stop!

Heart Rules!

'Send the boy  where he wants to go and see his best speed'

Hey,people,i read this quote somewhere, don't remember where,well that is not what's important now.The sense is obviously true.When it came to time management,i was taught a tactics by my school teacher.It was to make a list-Must do's and Wish to do's.She asked me to write the must to do things like assignments,studying for tests and all other stuff depending upon the need.Wish to do's list consisted of all other tasks,i wanted to do like painting,reading books,cycling..,etc.
Each day was to be started by making the list and to be reviewed before sleeping if i had completed all the tasks promptly.As a obedient child,yep,i was obedient then,though may not be now,i did indeed make the list.To make a list and all was interesting,to knew the tasks, their importance,was kinda excited yaar.But wait,i haven't completed,read along.Each day review at the end just showed me,that i was good and efficient in completing the wish to do list,he he he,it happens, and only a very few of the tasks from Must do list were done,that too not much perfectly.i would have taken such long hours to complete simple math problems(who ever told maths is easy???grrrr) or writing few pages of assignment.i figured out something.
Guess what,i stopped making the list in the later days.Nope,don't come to a conclusion,i did something better.I had it in my mind,that i must finish all the tasks whatever it was,must do's or wish to do's.i still follow the same.It works!you can't even move a pin without your heart and soul,it will weigh a ton.Everything is in the mind and heart,guys.If you desire to do a task, you will excel it out with  flying colours.If you do not wish to,it will be the worst ever.
okies,okies, i am just trying to say put your heart and soul in whatever you do,to succeed.We will be expected to do things,that doesn't interest as well.It happens,but thats life.Attempt to do it cheerfully,so that you can finish that work soon and  flyback to your interests.Heart rules mankind!

Life's gaining on me

Life's gaining on me
i try to shake it off with my smile,
i opt to lose myself in my dreams.

What life's planning to portrait me
i don't know.
What i wish to portray myself
i do know.
Trying to  build my castle
Attempting to create an empire.

Reading to realize,i know a drop
Writing to comprehend,i can scribble
Talking to grasp,i can share
Laughing to just know,i enjoy
Smiling to make out,i am
Loving to just know,i live

On unfolding my dreams,
i find the mystery of pain.
Miracles happen.
Walk towards passion,
Tears will follow for no reason.
No matter whatever happens,
i cultivate my dreams and passions.

Life's gaining on me...

A racket-getting ready!

i screamed for my pair of shoes
But no one gave me those
i ransacked
yelled at the top of my voice
Alternative scolding from the kitchen
came to frighten-My mom
No use,of my yelling,
i had to stand the scolding
my brother teased
as it was a chance
and my temper increased.
After a few minutes fight
with my brother-the crossest
i found the shoes on the compound wall
where i had kept it to dry(after a wash)
Remembering this,I-with dismal
made a face of wry
And on i wore it,half wet
Then waited for the  school auto all set
'pomp!pomp!'cried the auto
i entered and scooted away
Bidding my tensed mother tata!

-hey guys!The one, post above is the poem of a 9 yr old girl,wrote about ten yrs back.As a kid,she did have immense knowledge of grammar,poetry,articles and really very good vacabulary.Years have gone,the kid has grown up,but not her skills as it should have or was expected to, its my poem which i wrote in my 5th standard.When i went through my school magazines today, i found this article of mine and hence had an idea to post.Well,you must really appreaciate the girl for having had the thought to write even from her situation of getting ready to school and searching her shoes,without thinking of situations or just imagining or blah blah blah.But i guess she does all that now at this age.huh?


Life is too boring at times.yep,today i experienced it fully.There was no power in the afternoon and the sun high up in the sky,huh,it was damn hot.I was wondering how life would be if there is no electricity at all? oh my god! i just can't imagine.How can i ever survive without AC,Cool water from the fridge,Light,charging my mobile,ma ipod,watching television and most of all without my system and browsing????Thank god,it is not the case.Afternoons are sulky always and mostly when it comes to summer.Just feeling exhausted and just wish to doze off now.coooool.


Traveling has always been a passion to me,though i haven't traveled to all parts of the world yet.i always loved traveling,wherever it was.Even if it is to the next street or  the next city.i still remember those initial days of schooling,when i was about 9 or 10yrs old, my dad was quite busy to drop me in and out of school and home at right time,i was arranged an auto.i would always sit in the end of the seat in the auto and keep watching people on roads, walking,cycling,scooting,driving a car or just standing before shops and houses, i just kept watching people,people,people...Before i could reach my school,i would have glimpse of the city in my own way.For about 3 yrs,my transport was only 'auto' to school.Thats why, may be even still i prefer to travel alone by auto than car,though it would be smoky,dusty and hot outside and especialy when it rains.
I was interested only in traveling than to see new places.I can travel miles without complaining, i never had any complaints,in fact.I loved night drives in my dad's car,he was an excellent driver.To lower the windows,switching off the Ac and watching the trees,breeze,far lit lights in houses and everything was so amusing to me.I used to feel a lot relaxed and will have over flow of thoughts and imaginations.It is a special feeling, am getting no words to express,may be you all would have also felt.Well,people life is itself about traveling na,towards our dreams,towards our dear ones,towards our passion.I don't want to get philosophical now.I don't have any point why started writing of travel,Oh yeah,may be because it gave me a point to post,he he he. 

Attempting the tempting!

Cookery is in my mind nowadays,though am not a foodie.I eat only when am hungry or since it is a routine, '3 meals a day'.i do feed on choclets,chips and all other snacks as well.i had a misunderstanding of cooking before,i thought it would sweat a lot,the pan may burn,oil may spill on you,may get boils and pimples cooking in the hot flame and whatever wild a girl can think , i thought all and everything.i had never stepped into kitchen in an idea to cook.
At times when i did cos of the boasting my friends gave(to say the truth i felt ashamed to say 'i don't know to cook'),my dear sweet mom never allowed me to.She will itself complain that i don't even know to cook,but will not allow me to work,i.e cook.May be cos she was afraid of the mess ,i may create or afraid to eat what i cook or whatever,she never allowed.But i do make dosa's well,really yummy dosa's,crisp roasts, i learnt it from my mom when was about 13 or 14 yrs old itself.i do help her out by making dosa's when she is sick.u must add,i knew to cook rice as well,with my mom's help,i keep the proportinate water and rice in the electric rice cooker,which turns off on its own,so never had a prob with that.But anyone can do all such stuff,my brother even does. 
Alas,i made up my mind to cook,i wanted to master it.One fine day,when i told 'am gonna cook'.My mom was surprised and din't tell anything.She left the kitchen to me.After sincere prayers to sai and all other gods.I started my historical activity.After going through a few  cookery websites and books.i surrendered to my mom.i asked her to teach me to cook,she asked me to be with her and just see ,so that i will learn few basics initially.'Nope',i will learn by cooking itself,i said with decision.Then after my pleading her so much,she thought me to make tomato pulav.i made her sit in sofa ,and will ask her what to do.cuttin tomatos,'done,next step?'.Well .she was patient to my queries.i knew i was driving her crazy ,thats what mom's are for, yaar!.All was done,i did make tomato pulav,sweating and panting.i felt so tensed when my mom ate what i made waiting for her to her to say about my pulav,believe me ,i was never so tensed even for my exams.When she said ,it was nice and its rare to make so,in first attempt know how i felt, i was flying.I felt cooking isn't that tough,afterall
But  when i tried to recollect the steps involved making tomato pulav,i din't remember all the steps,cos i had just  heard my mom and followed her instructions,without losing confidence,asked her to repeat the steps and memorised,i din't mind,her laughing,i even took notes to revise later.But,that was the initial stage of cooking activity,guys!you know what, i tried a few lot recipes then and a much better cook now.My last hit in my family is my homemade 'naan'.Nowadays even in TV,books and internet,recipes catch my eyes faster! After all ,its the matter of attempting to the tempting foods......

'That one'

Yeah, i agree ,am getting focussed on one and only one.My mood swings up and low depending on that one.If that one is with me ,am the happiest,i become the princess of this world.If that one is far,am the saddest,i become the 'damsel in distress'kinda girl.I learn to live seeing that one,nope am wrong.I live for that one,this is the right note.Well,where have been that one all these years?How did i live then?i dont know...

That one is my passion,my bliss,my wish,my quest,my identity,my life.

Guess,u understood what is 'that one'.