Uninterestingly interesting...

hey people,if anyone has just dropped in to read something interesting today,well,er.....am sorry.i am not posting interesting today.Am rather in vacant thoughts now.I don't know if we call it is as vacant thoughts,i have a thought to post na,i mean i have it in my mind that i must post daily right?I do have other thoughts as well.But what to share?what to?i have no idea.
Am just  going to script whats going on my mind,whatever it is.
-Sleep has become a rival to me,it never does come when i need it and comes without any prior notice,when am just awake to do some work.
-Am running short of words to express things at times
-I can never complete any sms or post without ellipsis...here go iam again...
-I think of writing something that wins millions of hearts
-I just  like appreciation,praise or flattery whatever it is,it makes me feel high and happy
-I should stop being careless and write out something serious hereafter
-But wait,i think my poems and stories are really awesome,though am not so serious yet into writing
-I have a great talent of writing without editing,he he he,if only u knew my first script is always my final too
-I can never read my script again,sorry ,only my fellow readers you deserve that punishment ha ha ha
-And yep,another thing,i sit before the monitor and think of the idea or concept or whatever i have to write that day
-I am a self dabba atimes,it happens yaar
-I become happy while writing or reading,it keeps me smiling
-The second thing that makes me instantly happy is dreaming
-Okies,though am not sleepynow, i think i will go to sleep now and dream of writing something interesting tomorrow
-And yo...I guess this post has become interesting now,its not as i said in the starting,what do you guys say?

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