What is your happiness??????

"Whats your happiness,ma?",i asked my mom.She gave me wierd look."what???".I repeated with an addition of another query,"what is your happiness?what makes you happy?".She told instantly,"if you ,your brother and dad are happy and well,thats my happiness,your wellness makes me happy".I smiled at her ,same did she.I was bit moved and felt heavy,mom's are always so.In few minutes as i lay in sofa,thinking her words.I got a call from my friend,i asked her the same.She replied,"if i get a day or two of break from work ,that makes me happy,i can relax as much as i want" .I asked my little brother ,he told me if kolkatta knight riders win thats his happiness,since he is a fan of sharukh.i went on asking whom all i met today,who all rang up to me,who all came online,everyone.you know what,i just got different,unique,unlike,diverse replies.Yo..,man,where on earth do they get such thoughts on happiness.yeah ,everyone is unique,but still...it was kinda coooool experience knowing people's happiness.you know a little imp in our apartment told she will be happy only when the girl opposite to her apartment falls down in her bicycle.I was gasping.Oh my god!such mean thought at such small age,she portrays thats her happiness.
I think this post is nonsense at one thought,but you see,my happiness reflects in my post.Well,am not so very happy nor sad,i am missing something.I feel incomplete.I am not able to put my soul into this script,i repeat this again and again.Sathana will fix up things soon.
It happens,its all in the game.


rads said...

If you ask me I'd say I'll be happy if I cud get a job in this recession.

Sathana said...

um,u wil,cooool.