Lucky to have dear

Nothing can appeal me much than your smile
Even when we are cast away a mile

You are always there to hear my stupidities
My wild dreams,stupid thoughts and activities

I have never felt when with you any boredom
you always let me have my freedom

Your words,actions everything is so gentle
you take care of me and act as a mantle

I create a mess as bad it can be
you are always there to bear with me

There is nothing  that i fear 
when i know you are near

True love

What is true love?
Romance with your love, is intimacy of body and heart
Friendship with your love, is intimacy of mind and soul
True love is the right combination of friendship and romance.
Love lasts forever even without romance but not without friendship
Those who balance both well,lasts in love forever and ever.......

Yet again a college love story

Engineering  college,was as busy as ever,students walking to and fro in the campus,girls and guys each with their best costumes and best smile on face.The college reopens for the next academic year that day.Sara and Rahul,had joined computer engineering and it was their very first day in college.Sara is a pretty girl,who had the charm of a princess and brightness of the moon,she was  born with silver spoon.Rahul is a handsome guy from a very normal family.
The classes started and days passed.Sara never knew that she was the sensation among the boys in class.Every guy and girl  in her class and in the campus wanted to get introduced to her.When sara turned to talk to her friends in the back bench she could feel many eyes starring at her,while she is walking in the corridor,guys acting madly to get her attention.Whatever she did ,uttered  was a topic to discuss for both girls and guys.She felt uncomfortable at this limelight on her in college.Rahul too was carried away by sara's beauty ,her politeness,her soft attitude.He just wanted her to be in his life.Well,he knew how hard it is in reality.Rahul wanted to sweep her off her feet,he decided to do it.He did not act mad as other guys do,to boo her.He thought differently.
It was valentine's day and almost every guy in the college campus,just dropped sara a love letter,her seniors in the form of ragging,her classmates in her desk,other guys indirectly through her friends,few even proposed her directly.sara was totally fed up and wanted to get rid of all those pests.Sara was in her class talking with her friends,when entered Rahul,He went near sara and called her,sara lifted her face and thought'oh my god! here goes another...'Rahul gave her a paper,which sara thought was another love letter.She got it and kept it in her desk.Rahul added,' sara,read it'.Irritated sara opened the paper to read and just laughed heartily and looked Rahul and said,'ok'.Rahul smiled at her lovingly and left the class slowly turning to see her again and again,sara too felt like seeing him.Everyone wanted to know ,what Rahul gave and what she accepted happily.You guys too wanna know what it read?here it is
"Hi sara,
Don't forget to eat lunch today
Days passed everything was as usual with secret stares among Rahul and sara.Rahul was creating waves in which sara was getting caught slowly.They had their practicals session that day,each were busy before their system trying to program ,code ,debug.While our bug Rahul,was busy seeing sara,sara felt someone is seeing her,she turned to see who it was,to her astonishment ,it was Rahul and never did he shift his eyes inspite of sara seeing him.Sara was kinda blushing and couldn't stand his sight.She shifted her place,but still Rahul kept seeing her.Sara knew Rahul is seeing her and after a few moments pretending to be unaware of his glance,she turned around to see if he is still looking at her,nope,Rahul was busy programming and helping his friends to debug.'Thats it",thought sara,but she couldn't avoid thinking of Rahul who stood out among the crowd ,which tried to talk to her,see her ,act madly for her.Something attracted her towards him.She longed if Rahul would see her,talk to her and act madly for her as others do.Rahul was throwing pebbles silently in her heart with his attitude.
Okies,now,is the climax.It was a evening and the class was over.Everyone was leaving their classes ,sara too was,when Rahul,blocked her way near the door.He allowed every other girl and guy who wanted to leave to pass by but not sara.Few of her class mates were shocked and few enjoyed as they thought something interesting is going to happen.Sara was spell bound,she liked as well as disliked his behaviour.She told him to leave her way.He saw her eyes and replied with a smile."Nope".Sara felt helpless,her other classmates  with her inside the class expected her to behave rude to him,but sara couldn't she told "please rahul leave my way".He replied again with the same smile,"No".Sara got tensed and it showed in her face,seeing her turning red,rahul allowed her to go and followed her with a paper begging her,"sara ,please take it".Now sara confirmed to herself that it is a love letter.This was what sara expected,but she said firmly at him,"No".Rahul smiled naughtily and dropped the letter above her books in her hand and went saying,"read it ,bye".Sara wanted to throw it down before him,but she din't.She read the letter,
"you know sara,'I love you',
These are the words people say when they love someone.
So you know now ,right?"
Sara felt teased.She went to her car and was about to leave when rahul neared her.He waved his hand,Sara got down the car and asked," what?",anxiously.Rahul held her soft hands,wore the ring, he got in her fingers and saw her eyes romantically and lovingly and uttered,"i love you,sara,will you be with me forever?".Sara was speechless,she couldn't breathe,her voice struck,her hands shivered.Rahul held her shivering hands tightly.Sara leaned in his shoulders.Love spoke the rest.Made for each other they were.......

Survival of the fittest

He stood on the street smoking.'He' is not the hero of this story nor the villain,but the specimen of this post.should we name a specimen?let it be 'he'.He thought of his life smoking.He felt his life is the worst in the world.He had a lot of complexes in his life and it is as follows...He din't get a good career,he din't understand that he is blessed that he got a job while others are still searching for one.He din't have a good face,little did he think of people without eyes,legs and physically disabled.He din't have family  assets and he had to support his entire family,he never realised  that he had a family and his was far better than those living in huts.He did love a girl which never succeeded,he din't realise it was his fault to rub people up the wrong way.He always sat in a corner of the room in dark thinking and worrying he is unlucky and not blessed.He skipped food,three meals a day.He longed for sympathy.He expected people to care him always.His thoughts did reflect in his behaviour.He is the most miserable one in this world now.His friends too started avoiding him because of his behaviour.He lost the very important stage of his life youth,Very important people in this world -Friends and alltogether his life.Now who is responsible for this?HE.He alone right?Everyone has problems in their own style of life.Life is all about handling problems and living it to the fullest happily.Only those people survive others just exist.Remember darwin's theory-"Survival of the fittest".God and angels are always pleased with people who are optimistic and cheerful and bless them alone.So you pessismistic guys out there,hope you understand...


A cyclone doesn't hurt as it does
A earthquake does less harm
Silence hurts......

It is the silent water that drowns a man
A word not uttered when needed kills too
Silence pains......

Busy streets,chaos and confusion doesn't fright
Emptiness of silence terrifies
Silence is grave......

Shouting and yelling in anger is better
Silent actions  guilt the opponent
Silence kills......

Light is love, peace and god
Dark is hatred,uproar and evil 
Silence is dark......

Speech is silver,Silence is golden
Speech give us ease,silence make us cease
Is it golden then?

In love I live......

Oh my god!I have to say, people reading this may feel jealous of me,and turn red with envy or some sort of feeling,am sure girls,out there would wish to be me.Well,no chance,you can never ever become me,atleast as cranky as me,ha ha ha.You know what guys,today has been as,as usual mismatch of feelings yaar,I was little bored,little flying,little excited,but as usual smiling and happy.And today i went on shopping for gold,the happiness knew no bounds,when i found the exact kinda jewel,i desired to buy.Oh man,god is always by my side and he does know what i would wish and desire for the next moment,that he creates it for me, before i go for it.The happiness is extreme when,what you desired and wanted happens extraordinarily than you had thought,my desires happen so,i keep thanking god for his kindness and blessings for me.Actually i wanted to write a poem or a story in this post too,cos nowadays this blog is more constituted of my thoughts than my scripts,but my fellow readers ,you know right sathana's mind is blank,when extreme happiness or sadness strikes her.This blog has turned out to be my online diary ,huh?.But hope i din't disappoint sharing my thoughts.I am not able to differentiate things if it happens as per my desire or i have excelled the art of being happy, with what happens,but am damn happy yaar.In happiness,in blessings,in love,i live......


Oh oh,i got another award as well as a tag.From who else, rads only.She has awarded honest scrap award as well  as tagged me to write ten honest stufff about me.Well rads,you don't have to tag me for that whatever i speak its always true,,jokes apart.Ten things about me??????oh my god,i need to write it.okies ,okies,here i go......
1.Sathana is a cute princess,she is a angel  and a devil attimes,she cares much for no things and doesn't care at all for some things.
2.I am a dreamer ,just love to dream.I have huge dreams which i aspire to achieve in my life time.Dreams which people would never even think of......
3.I portray myself  to people as i wish them to perceive,its hard to understand the real me,except my very close buddies.
4.I hate my brother the most,but still i love him too,i like his care and affection,but too much of anything is good for nothing,so i hate him for that.
5.I like to be independent attimes and dependent attimes,am freaky attimes,ethnic attimes,Purely mismatch of thinkings,its really tough to know me yaar......
6.Adventures,thrills excites me a lot.
7.I am not a foodie,but my mom says i live on icecream,air and water.
8.My  world  revolves around my loved ones,I am a true homely creature.I can be shut up in my home for months as long as my dear ones are with me.
9.I hate the hot sun and sweating.i just love rain,rain comes when am happy or when am sad,just to cheer me up,i can get wet in rain how long i wish,i won't catch cold
10.I love comics and novels,i can't take my eyes of a novel unless i finish it,even if it is hours.I hate studying for exams,i never did after schooling i
Well guys,i believe sathana is god's pet ,she is blessed and god is with her always.I think i have been a self -dabba in this post,but i just can't think any truth apart from for awarding and tagging Rads,hope i have come out with the best of truths about me......

Its been long since i wrote a post which appeals to my own heart, may be just a few days,but it seems too be long to me.i have heard lot of people say 'something is better than nothing',well,i can't agree and won't agree.i feel 'nothing is better than something'.It is not as hurting or horrible than to adjust with something in the place of what we desired to have.wat say yaar?If i wish to have a planet and if i get a country,i can never agree and console my self,that i got a country,so i should be happy with it.I will walk off with bare hands ,hoping to get the planet soon.i believe only such guys achieved much in life too.People who dream high can never walk off with something.Dreaming to achieve things,or believing your dream will never portray you as adamant,if people think so,just don't care them.Because if you are n't adamant in your dream,it will never become a will be forced to accept 'something' as they say 'something is better than nothing'.
Believe yourself,Believe your dream,Believe your dream.If not your dream then,NOTHING IS BETTER THAN SOMETHING......


Hey guys,you know today is a historical day,sathana has casted her very first vote today.I was kinda excited before voting and happy after voting:).I have performed my duty to my country and you know what i prayed today morning when i got up,that my india must come under good hands and be well taken care of,hope my prayers are answered.It was a  different cool experience and to avoid the hot sun,i was the first to vote in my booth,i voted early morning itself.You know what, the polling booth people made us wait nearly half hour since the machine wasn't ready ,it was shame on the administration.It revealed their carelessness,if only each knew how many crores has been spent on this 15th parlimentary election.Felt really bad at that behaviour of the officials.Whatever,i was happy that many of the citizens were keen in voting inspite of the queue,delay and temperature.A mismatch of feelings,i have now.Hope a political party which thinks of the country ,its people and welfare alone forms the government......God bless india


Think before you  speak
Analyse before you act
Scribble before you paint
Pretend before you perform
Know before you acknowledge
Write before you script
Realise before you react
Interpret before you intimate
For in future you may not be able to......

Here i go again......

It happens,again and again and am so happy today,i attended a wedding party evening.It was fun.My friend, a senior friend of mine was teasing me if i will write about the party in today's post, actually guys i never thought of writing about it but you see as i told the devil's out in me and i always like to do what people say i mustn't or tease me about doing.So am gonna write about the party only.It was cool evening but very hot out there, i just don't understand where chennai's temperature is heading.Thanks to the flyovers and bridges ,dint get caught in much traffic today.To see the wedding or to wish the wedding couples is always a nice experience.I enjoyed too,don't know why,am as happy as ever,smiling forever.
My mind is blank whenever extreme happiness or dullness strikes,even today am so blank and this is one of those vacant posts,hey but you must say i don't post so much nowadays,so cooooool,will post a poem or story tomorrow,bear with this post my fellow readers......

My first award......

Hey guys......god is again and again cultivating this thought in me ,whenever i am about to lose hope and faith.Yeah ...Sathana always believes that what she keeps thinking or wishes or believes will only happen to her,it is evident in everything that happens to me,though attimes,not immediately,but for sure what is believed,desired and thought will happen.Buddies ,i was thinking of blogger awards in the past week,you can say for the past few days,i had mentioned it my poem'waiting'as well.You know what ,i got it,Its Rads ,who presented me with this award.
Am so happy and moved.Joy is doubled only when you share it,so i too wanna give the same award to Rads,Parv Kaushik and Sandeep Reddy.
So here is the award......

Rads is awarded for her Gizmos review and thoughts she shares on whatever she comes across interestingly.Each day i start by reading her comments,if at any day i dont have her comments ,you don't know,i will miss something the whole,thanks a lot dear.
Parv Kaushik for his wonderful poems and the comments he leaves to my poems.
Sandeep for his world news and his rare comments in my

Thank you three of you for following my blog and commenting and aprreciating yaar,if you only knew i started blogging for fun and your comments made me responsible in writing.Tanx buddies.......
Remember what you believe is what you get,so ever be optimistic and believe what you wish.

I wish,i were......

I wish i  were the light
Fast ever traveller in this world
I will be the first to reach you always
I will make ur surroundings bright
The very flash you step into dark

I wish i were the air
Invisble and omnipresent
I will respire through you always
I will surround you with breeze 
The  very moment you are upto panic

I wish i were the sky
with clouds that are high
I will see you all day beneath me
I will make you cool with rain
The very instant you tend to strain

I wish i were the water
Pleasant and immense
I will fall cheerfully to give you a pleasant mood
I will quench your thirst
The very minute you feel parched

I wish i were the land
Gentle and loud
I will give you all my treasures
I will hold you in my hands 
The very jiffy you are about to slip

I wish i were so......
But am a little imp girl
Combating and comprehending
Just existing and trying to live
I wish i were......

Reach out

Stand up 
when you have to,even if your legs are fractured
Reach out
when you are needed,even if you are dying

Smile up
when you feel like,even if your cheeks are bleeding
Smirk down
when you are hurted,even if you can't bear it

Love eternally
when you are in love,even if not reciprocated
Live perpetually
when you are born,even if you know your death day

Cos' this is a world which is eternal
Everything else is momentary
Anything and everything changes
Except the change itself

Cos'people love,live,smile only with those,who is with them
Reach out
when you are needed,even if you are dying
If you don't reach out,they will learn to live in your absence

Om shanti,shanti,shanti......

I don't know.I really don't know.I believed and still believe that what we think alone happens,attimes something different too does happen intermediately,before what you think happens.I never like to break my word,i would never with consciousness.I feel bad when i have to,i had made it in mind that i must never be without posting even a day,but it so happened,i couldn't last two days.Just a thought strikes me,those words we say while completing yogasana's,'om shanti ,shanti,shanti'.Hope you guys know,shanti means peace.First 'shanti' - is to prevent any disturbance form our mind and body,the second one is to give us peace from others and the last one is from nature or any other external factor.My posting in my blog was affected from the third factor.I too feel like saying om shanti,shanti,shanti......

A story of love's significance

It was a pleasant evening.Sara and maximus were sitting and talking to eachother,relaxedly.Sara was a sweet cute girl at her twenty's and maximus a handsome guy who had a charm at all people, he comes across in his twenty-eight.They loved each other so very much.Sara knows maximus than anyone else and so do maximus,he knows sara.They made a wonderful picture talking,smiling and laughing.Made for each other they were......

At one point of time,if you should call it as fate or innocence of sara,she got disturbed for a joke maximus cracked.Maximus was just trying to pull her out of legs,which sara din't realise.She started emoting angrily and never knowing it could hurt her beloved,started talking words and words.Maximus just couldn't stand.It was since,sara spoke without thinking of her man,her man was disturbed Because,she din't understand him yet.It left a scar in their hearts and a sleepless night.Sara felt guilty and maximus wounded.

Morning dawned,everthing was still the same,though they tried to talk well not hurt their love still more,there was something missing.Sara's heart cries for hurting him,and he too still couldn't talk to her with the same old ease,though sara tried to make him normal with her smile and talks.Sara felt she is gifted to have maximus in her life and the thought that she hurted him burns her heart.Maximus still tries not to show his hurt to her,but she could make it out,since she is the one who knows him well.Sara needs this punishment and even more than this for having hurt her beloved.It will take some time for him to be normal and for sara a very long time,a very very long time,may be once she feels her sweetheart is smiling happily and when she feels she is keeping him really happy.Well,that is love......

Hey guys,this is the story of a friend of mine,names have been changed,just wanted to share this,cos as people say relationship is like glass,once broken can never be made,handle with care......If you love someonedearly,please think of them before you speak,if not,there is no point in loving them......Handle your loved ones like water in hand,hold them softly.gently,most of all comfortably,If you hold them tight or if you hold them loose, they will fall off your hand......

Waiting ??????

30 minutes
1800 seconds
108000 milliseconds
I have this is my hand
I am made to wait

Waiting can be fun as well as frown 
It can be spent in planning
It can be spent in reading
It can be spent in complaining
I always prefer it in dreaming

Well,what shall i dream in this 30 minutes
May be,am wrong few minutes have already past
Well my,what shall i dream now?
i keep thinking and planning about what to dream
Just trying to rewind what all i wanted to be

Shall i dream am the queen of this world?
Or shall i dream am the best poet in the world?
Nor shall i dream as talking to god?
either shall i dream to win the best blogger award?
No,maximum visitors and readers are the best awards 

Oh my god,i just don't get any thought to dream about
Dreams must be spontaneous or planned?
oh god,i wanted to dream now,why querying myself?
Well,just relax,though i tried to plan,dream and all
Time doesnt wait for none,30 minutes is about to be over 

Hey my readers,i was trying to write some poem on waiting,ended up,i am experimenting and as usual......

Between you and me,there is a wall
If it stands ,it will make us fall

Break down the wall
It makes us dismal

Moments shared seem to be a blemish
Its all and only the wall's gibberish

Attimes makes us blameworthy and fight
It is trying to leave our relationship a blight

The wall is starting its attrition
Pull it down before it is a partition

Break down this wall my dear
Or it will make us fall......

A legible scribble !!!!!!

Feel like flying up to the sky ,above the clouds ,just high and high,where god is said to be dwelling.I wanna ask him few very important queries yaar.I think god is one though we call him with different names like jesus,allah,shiva,vishnu and all,if there has to be gods like our imagination, i guess there must be another planet for them to live.And may be we can visit their planet in future years than to visit temples,churches, come'on,am not gonna talk nuts.I think i started nuts,yeah,why should i fly above the clouds and try  to find where god stays like said in our people's myth, god is very much there in all,and am sure he will  be knowing whatever we do,think or say.Even if i scold him now in my heart and pretend to pray him sincerely outside,god will know that too,right?i don't know,today i got mixed feeelings,i feel so very happy and also little,very little worried about my future.I guess everyone at my age normally worries about future.So its all in the game.Hey guys i am even worried about not writing any story or poem in this,have a great weekend my fellow readers......

A little imp note

So,am here to post again.Guys ,just fix up your mind now itself,"sathana is a good girl".Once you finish reading this post ,you may think different.You know what it is not a crime am gonna talk about neither it is  baddie stuff,but still you know what, as etiquettes are being followed,it is little imp kinda note.Okies ,okies,wanna know what is?.Yep,i will tell.You see what am upto nowadays is,  you know,i just like to do what people say i mustn't.I become a devil attimes,i keep teasing others,i do exactly what they say i mustn't do.You know what they would have told me it is not good for me to proceed in real care,i used to realise the same after doing it out,but i never reveal it out and pretend to be done well.Don't you imagine horns on my head,nope am not a devil by all means.Am a pure angel:).Attimes people would have said not to proceed because they couldn't complete the same work or want to do that for themselves.You know i finish it before them with flying colours and that makes feel up above the sky,its a true bliss,if only you experienced it......