I wish,i were......

I wish i  were the light
Fast ever traveller in this world
I will be the first to reach you always
I will make ur surroundings bright
The very flash you step into dark

I wish i were the air
Invisble and omnipresent
I will respire through you always
I will surround you with breeze 
The  very moment you are upto panic

I wish i were the sky
with clouds that are high
I will see you all day beneath me
I will make you cool with rain
The very instant you tend to strain

I wish i were the water
Pleasant and immense
I will fall cheerfully to give you a pleasant mood
I will quench your thirst
The very minute you feel parched

I wish i were the land
Gentle and loud
I will give you all my treasures
I will hold you in my hands 
The very jiffy you are about to slip

I wish i were so......
But am a little imp girl
Combating and comprehending
Just existing and trying to live
I wish i were......


rads said...

We always wish we were something else...its like questioning our existence...happens

Sathana said...


sawan said...

your wishes would come true dear :)maynot be literally, but emotionally u wud achieve it all one day :) have fun dear :)

Sathana said...

thanks yaar