Yet again a college love story

Engineering  college,was as busy as ever,students walking to and fro in the campus,girls and guys each with their best costumes and best smile on face.The college reopens for the next academic year that day.Sara and Rahul,had joined computer engineering and it was their very first day in college.Sara is a pretty girl,who had the charm of a princess and brightness of the moon,she was  born with silver spoon.Rahul is a handsome guy from a very normal family.
The classes started and days passed.Sara never knew that she was the sensation among the boys in class.Every guy and girl  in her class and in the campus wanted to get introduced to her.When sara turned to talk to her friends in the back bench she could feel many eyes starring at her,while she is walking in the corridor,guys acting madly to get her attention.Whatever she did ,uttered  was a topic to discuss for both girls and guys.She felt uncomfortable at this limelight on her in college.Rahul too was carried away by sara's beauty ,her politeness,her soft attitude.He just wanted her to be in his life.Well,he knew how hard it is in reality.Rahul wanted to sweep her off her feet,he decided to do it.He did not act mad as other guys do,to boo her.He thought differently.
It was valentine's day and almost every guy in the college campus,just dropped sara a love letter,her seniors in the form of ragging,her classmates in her desk,other guys indirectly through her friends,few even proposed her directly.sara was totally fed up and wanted to get rid of all those pests.Sara was in her class talking with her friends,when entered Rahul,He went near sara and called her,sara lifted her face and thought'oh my god! here goes another...'Rahul gave her a paper,which sara thought was another love letter.She got it and kept it in her desk.Rahul added,' sara,read it'.Irritated sara opened the paper to read and just laughed heartily and looked Rahul and said,'ok'.Rahul smiled at her lovingly and left the class slowly turning to see her again and again,sara too felt like seeing him.Everyone wanted to know ,what Rahul gave and what she accepted happily.You guys too wanna know what it read?here it is
"Hi sara,
Don't forget to eat lunch today
Days passed everything was as usual with secret stares among Rahul and sara.Rahul was creating waves in which sara was getting caught slowly.They had their practicals session that day,each were busy before their system trying to program ,code ,debug.While our bug Rahul,was busy seeing sara,sara felt someone is seeing her,she turned to see who it was,to her astonishment ,it was Rahul and never did he shift his eyes inspite of sara seeing him.Sara was kinda blushing and couldn't stand his sight.She shifted her place,but still Rahul kept seeing her.Sara knew Rahul is seeing her and after a few moments pretending to be unaware of his glance,she turned around to see if he is still looking at her,nope,Rahul was busy programming and helping his friends to debug.'Thats it",thought sara,but she couldn't avoid thinking of Rahul who stood out among the crowd ,which tried to talk to her,see her ,act madly for her.Something attracted her towards him.She longed if Rahul would see her,talk to her and act madly for her as others do.Rahul was throwing pebbles silently in her heart with his attitude.
Okies,now,is the climax.It was a evening and the class was over.Everyone was leaving their classes ,sara too was,when Rahul,blocked her way near the door.He allowed every other girl and guy who wanted to leave to pass by but not sara.Few of her class mates were shocked and few enjoyed as they thought something interesting is going to happen.Sara was spell bound,she liked as well as disliked his behaviour.She told him to leave her way.He saw her eyes and replied with a smile."Nope".Sara felt helpless,her other classmates  with her inside the class expected her to behave rude to him,but sara couldn't she told "please rahul leave my way".He replied again with the same smile,"No".Sara got tensed and it showed in her face,seeing her turning red,rahul allowed her to go and followed her with a paper begging her,"sara ,please take it".Now sara confirmed to herself that it is a love letter.This was what sara expected,but she said firmly at him,"No".Rahul smiled naughtily and dropped the letter above her books in her hand and went saying,"read it ,bye".Sara wanted to throw it down before him,but she din't.She read the letter,
"you know sara,'I love you',
These are the words people say when they love someone.
So you know now ,right?"
Sara felt teased.She went to her car and was about to leave when rahul neared her.He waved his hand,Sara got down the car and asked," what?",anxiously.Rahul held her soft hands,wore the ring, he got in her fingers and saw her eyes romantically and lovingly and uttered,"i love you,sara,will you be with me forever?".Sara was speechless,she couldn't breathe,her voice struck,her hands shivered.Rahul held her shivering hands tightly.Sara leaned in his shoulders.Love spoke the rest.Made for each other they were.......


rads said... did really come up with a lovely story this time...kudos to ur imagination...

Sathana said...

:) tanx soooooo much rads

Simply Ridiculous said...

Lovely story!!

Sathana said...

Tanx yaar:)