Waiting ??????

30 minutes
1800 seconds
108000 milliseconds
I have this is my hand
I am made to wait

Waiting can be fun as well as frown 
It can be spent in planning
It can be spent in reading
It can be spent in complaining
I always prefer it in dreaming

Well,what shall i dream in this 30 minutes
May be,am wrong few minutes have already past
Well my,what shall i dream now?
i keep thinking and planning about what to dream
Just trying to rewind what all i wanted to be

Shall i dream am the queen of this world?
Or shall i dream am the best poet in the world?
Nor shall i dream as talking to god?
either shall i dream to win the best blogger award?
No,maximum visitors and readers are the best awards 

Oh my god,i just don't get any thought to dream about
Dreams must be spontaneous or planned?
oh god,i wanted to dream now,why querying myself?
Well,just relax,though i tried to plan,dream and all
Time doesnt wait for none,30 minutes is about to be over 

Hey my readers,i was trying to write some poem on waiting,ended up thus...lol.Well,i am experimenting and as usual......


rads said...

LOL that was funny and well composed.

Sathana said...


Parv Kaushik said...

funny one! lolllzz... a fuzzy state of mind! mind works like a pendulum.. back nd forth... back nd forth...

Sathana said...