Traveling has always been a passion to me,though i haven't traveled to all parts of the world yet.i always loved traveling,wherever it was.Even if it is to the next street or  the next city.i still remember those initial days of schooling,when i was about 9 or 10yrs old, my dad was quite busy to drop me in and out of school and home at right time,i was arranged an auto.i would always sit in the end of the seat in the auto and keep watching people on roads, walking,cycling,scooting,driving a car or just standing before shops and houses, i just kept watching people,people,people...Before i could reach my school,i would have glimpse of the city in my own way.For about 3 yrs,my transport was only 'auto' to school.Thats why, may be even still i prefer to travel alone by auto than car,though it would be smoky,dusty and hot outside and especialy when it rains.
I was interested only in traveling than to see new places.I can travel miles without complaining, i never had any complaints,in fact.I loved night drives in my dad's car,he was an excellent driver.To lower the windows,switching off the Ac and watching the trees,breeze,far lit lights in houses and everything was so amusing to me.I used to feel a lot relaxed and will have over flow of thoughts and imaginations.It is a special feeling, am getting no words to express,may be you all would have also felt.Well,people life is itself about traveling na,towards our dreams,towards our dear ones,towards our passion.I don't want to get philosophical now.I don't have any point why started writing of travel,Oh yeah,may be because it gave me a point to post,he he he. 

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