Networking-this is the keyword for success.People say so.In this era of internet,we have a lot social networking sites like facebook,orkut,myspace,hi5..etc and also sites depending on eachone's specific taste like twitter to update all on ur status,flickr to share photos and videos,wayn for travelling.I haven't mentioned all the sites available still,it goes on,i have mentioned only few popular sites.
But friends have we ever cared to network properly or to mingle with our family members?
our relatives?
our neighbours?
our colleagues?
our collegemates?
our school mates?
Well,the answer would be 'No'.We live as if we live in mini islands in our own home,shut up in rooms.We hardly smile at the opposite flat person nor does he ,at us.We never mingle up with all our colleagues or college mates or school mates,what mostly happens is group formation,backbiting,gossiping,envying and all such crap.But we show off to have hundreds of friends in networking sites.We care and spend time scraping,texting someone unknown to us somewhere.why even the one who would have studied with us or worked with us and whom we never bothered  to talk then,we text so eagerly when that one is far from us now.Yeah ,this happens. 
Why are we becoming so mean?where is the problem?Is it with us or something?what say yaar?


rads said...

hmm..i have often wondered over this...with the advent of social networking sites like orkut i started talking to friends n schoolamtes i have lost touch with n actually never bothered to contact after school...i surprise myself when i scrap them now as if we were reason might be that its easy n safe to contact ppl frm the comfort of our homes..all we have to do is type n click...but if we have to meet up with them we have to travel n plan a lot before that...n sometimes if some of us are ready to meet the others r busy n flop goes the entire plan...its the same with family...i'm in touch with all my family memebers who are on my yahoo list rather than with others who r not...dunno how this happened but it did n blame the internet for providing so much comfort...

Sathana said...

No other go,we just have to blame the internet...