Life has been keeping me so happy
i got everything i ever needed
i got everything i gazed upon
i got everything i passed by
i got everything a girl ever dreamt of

Wait,did i get what i wished for?
Don't i ever have my own wishes?
Was this my real happiness ?
Am i like a slave to this life?
Do i live on whatever life gives me ?

I feel i lost my originality ,my uniqueness,myself
I never have lived up life,yeah i never have
Where do i search my life again,where did i lose it?
I learnt to adjust and that is where my originality departed
I must never have learnt adjusting,i lost my self


soin said...

get what u want but not what u need type...well it gets a bit complicated if u analyze each and everything u get..free

Sathana said...

um ya

Parv Kaushik said...

the first para was positive and philosophical... to be honest you got the idea wrong in the last two paras... our desiring mind makes us a beggar.. the mind goes on dreaming and hoping and wanting never content..

mind always wants to have its own "identity" ... give up mind and u'll always be content with what you have!

Sathana said...

i will take your point parv