Surrender urself 2 d almighty

Have u guys ever felt afraid or worried of ur future? i guess most of us wud answer S.yeah its obvious n al age group whether u r 13 r 30 r 60 cos every1 has some desires r dreams n eyes 2 b fulfilled r achieved.N do u search 4 ur god wenever u r n trouble r prob?buddy dats reaaly bad.u must luv n cherish ur god n ur best n worst times equaly.Cos he knws wats gud 4 u,n wen 2 giv u wat.After al he s d 1 who created us on dis world,everythin happens cos of d almighty.
Incase if u r n atheist,u must b believin in science ryt?yup,mankind originated due to darwinism,bt even to dat evolution process 2 occur,wer do u think d cells originated?who created them?okies if u gonna tell hw cell originated on earth ,who created d earth ,sun ,moon our galaxy,n al other galaxies n al?Known is a drop ,unknown is an ocean. der must b sum power ryt?n dat power v presume as god -d Almighty
D almighty knows wat al v do,our tots,our actions n everythin ,So b true to urself n to al around u.Do not show hatred on anyone.Luv ur mom,ur family ,ur frens, ur life n most importantly urself unconditionally.Cos true luv creates happiness in u n around u.Wen u luv d almighty n others u wnt get angry , u wil find a lot of change within u  n around u.
Every1 wl b n luv either on family or on frens, or on work or watever,bt if u jus tel n words u r n luv nbt n action u jus want it to be reciprocated or demand sumthn or jus want ur almighty whom u luv or ur mom or ur fren to take care of u n ur wishes alone,u can no longer tell u luv ur god or others,cos u very much luv urself only n reaaly very selfish.plssssss dnt.
Wel i guess am talkin lik a philosopher may b influence my man ,my sai n al
Ds article s to understand d real peace n happiness one gets wen u surrender urself to ur almighty.Cos u dn hav anymore responsibilities n ur hands,he s d ONE.So jus give ur heart n soul to watever u do,work smart n leave t to ur Almighty.He wil rock more than u expected n wanted,Believe me it works......Lets make our life Easier,Surrender 2 D almighty
Jai sai ram

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