Reluctant reading

Have u ever heard of anyone,who sticks to reading a book,though it doesnt interest her,until d eyebal falls out?Wel...if u havnt,from now on,u can say yes.I hav been  readin a novel today,wich was rather very bad ,i hav to say ,it was horrible ya.i jus cudnt stop reading or throw d book jus cos i started readin n wanted to complete it.D more i felt its bad n uninterested, even after reading half the chapters,d more long it took to end:(
After relishing , those yummy poori's ma mom made 4 breakfast,i lay in bed with ma teddy hugged in righthand n d book n left hand,wid soooo much of once i started reading it ,jus felt lik cursing d author n myself for having started reading it.
My eyes are burning out lik anythin now.i guess...,it must b d effect of d content of d novel, and not d continued reading.Watever,My mind is disturbed n haunted stil ,cos of the undesired reading.,and i jus dn get any thought now to post......

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