Moved re

I visited my friend today,my very dear fren she is.Ma collegemate,she was ma everythin,is n wil b.she knews maself more than i do.It al started casualy, on d first day of college,c happend 2 b seated behind me.she got herself introduced to me.i wasnt pretty much attracted by her.jus sat silent all day waitin for d day to end.At the end of day ,though i had spoken to al gals in d class.i felt some warmth wid her n luckily she stayed near my home n so v went to d college bus together ,got seated next to each other n started talkin...wen d college bus reached closer to our home,v had cum much closer to eachother as wel.N d rest is history u can ask my juniors to my seniors,my princi to office staff,canteen guy to college bus driver,everyone saw us together n if one isnt attending college dat day ,other wil also not.V wer two sweeet cuties always together.Those r d platinum days al happy,fun n  Together......Even once we reach home,we used to text each other til v fall asleep n early n d morning,it wud b her msg dat wud wake me up for d bus.
Years went off n finallly, after four intimate years in our life ,we had to be part by fate.we cudnt see each other daily nor msg or cal like before.U knw wat i cal her once or twice in a month n so does she.Initially it was her work wich kept her away frm me n then it was her marriage ,her hubby n now it d turn of her infant boy 5 months old(a rather chweeeeeeet rival for me;).wel..,Its al n d game.
She has her very own life now, to live,her huby n her child,all need her attention n care,bt stil i knw deep in my heart dat she luvs me d same way n so do i,i luv her more than ever...though we dnt see daily,text each other each second,cal up n talk for hours n are together always .our souls are always together.She is d one who cries wen am in pain n who smiles happily wen sumthin turns out to me wel.My eyes rolled out tears wen i heard d pain she had during her delivery, wich happened to be a scissorian.she had pain for 5 days then too itseems, bt she got a cute baby na out of that pain.Women are gifted in dat fren for life she is......

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