Ahimsa-does it work?

Ahimsa-this word speaks for itself.Lord Gouthama buddha and our mahatma gandhiji lived their life in it.They hav very much showed d ways 2 live life peacefully n happily.Even d munnabhai's n Vasool raja tried to portray it to their level best.But my query is dat does it reaaaly pay off?R v al taught enuf to be gud to al and in particular even to d person,whom hurts u?i guess d answer wud be no...
Ya even i have been not, for many years as a child.whenever someone hurts ,i wil jus give a straight cutoff n jus let them knw,wat they did  or said was wrong.Attimes ,i even tried to take revenge or held on the grudge in ma heart.Wenever my mom used to advise me,i jus used to argue with her to the core.She used to tell me to forgive n forget is better punishment than to oppose.She used to add ,'life is too short to hurt n fight with each other'.i used to give her back  in a stern voice,' wil my heart heal ,if am gonna forgive?afteral d hurt is stil there n wil b there as long as am alive.am i alone gonna live 100 or 1000 yrs, dat i hav to forgive?even i gotta short life,i don wanna bear hurts in dat'.i opted for 'tit for tat' concept.But...guess wat, i never had peace, though i did tit for tat 
And gradually as i grew up,i became matured.My mom's words had an impact on me.I started forgiving ppl who hurted me n though i cudnt forget (since i had a very gud memory),started to stop thinkin of the hurts n focussed only on d relationships watever it  was-fren,brother,father ,dad,aunt,uncle,nephew,cousin,collegemate or watever,i jus valued their relationship.U knw wat ???i realy hav  peaceful mind nowadays.Afteral whoever hurted me whether they realise or not,am not losing my temper,my relationship wid them.Its keepin me happy n peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vandana,

Good start. Keep going. Never knew you could write so well.


Sathana said...

Tanx Raj!