Missing IPL...

Everyone in india seems to talk of either the IPL or the  to be held Lok sabha elections.Almost every news channels,press, media etc., just focusses on these two issues.Am little disappointed  as a cricket fan,that the IPL goes to another country-South Africa.A poll shows almost 79%(correct me if am wrong) of the population are disappointed.But it is okay yaar...After all what has to matter us a lot is to organise the IPL-2 successfully and send back all the players safely to their respective homes.
I believe none would have forgot the terror attack in pakistan on the srilankan cricketers and in our very own mumbai-The Taj incident.What we need now is safe gaming not terrific gaming.

We indians, will of course miss our IPL matches in our very own cities,our very own stadiums,our very own kinda cricket:(

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