Of late i read a story ,wich haunts me still.It was a story of a woman who feels al lonely due to her hubby's one word replies 2 her queries.i think probably lot of women in india do face such situations n living their entire life in such scenario.Wat pitiable creatures?V woman always bear al d troubles n pain for  d relationship,bt has it ever been understood?
Its us who give al our luv ,care n affection without any expectations.Bt attimes v too want it to be reciprocated n jus wan our man to let us know how much he cares for us,he wil always  be ther for us n want him 2 spend few  special moments for us.do al d guys do dat?Wel i dnt think so.Quite a lot ,he wil be busy, we need to understand dat.At times he wnt be able to respond to us properly, many of our queries wil go unanswered,its okay.Bt y u dnt let us know u care,a few moments of real affection,afteral v r bound to live together,n am ur best friend.Y not?
If d gal is gonna say anything out of stress is it Sarcasm? My dear she is tryin to get ur attention,She luvs u a lot,U r her world,her happiness revolves around u.Even if she is in a Golden palace,wears d best of dresses n ornaments,its ur luv  c values a lot.
U hav d the warmth n touch to keep her happy n young always n only U hav......

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