R u criticised?

Did u ppl ,find ma last script intersting?wel i dint much.i had a comment wat yu upto,n d conclusion n title wer captivating ,kinda truth.Whoever, tanx 4 d comment.i personally wasnt much satisfied wid dat article.U knw wat i generally start writing in ma own flow of thoughts n have never edited anything,wat wil b my final copy,wil b ma first copy as wel,am used to it.1 of ma fren asked me to write on friendship n so i fixed d title, started writing,din feel much comfortable,i edited thrice n posted n d article stil dint cum satisfactory.May b if  i had published ma first copy it wd hav been more captivating.Jus wanted to say dis cos,v hav 2 b always ourself,u can hear  other's opinion ,bt wat our heart says must b d decision.Correct if am wrong n if u guys feel last script was equally good.
Being a gal n her twenty's,i often cum across lots of Queries wich i feel lik askin,so jus wanted to share it here.u gals out ther ,al most al must hav come across dese wordings'u r no more a kid,behave urself'.Havn't u?i do many times.i hav a teddy ,a very cute one,wich i keep wd ma self attimes,jus note attimes i had comments ,'y u do u wanna act lik kid?','dnt pretend 2 b a kid'.Pardon me,its ma very own teddy n wil keep it wd me ,even if am n my sixties.Am not tellin dis out rudely ,jus consider ma feelings too.Am jus a growing up gal,or young woman or watever.
Sumtimes i really get confused if i have to behave lik a grown up or growing up.Cos der r lot of situations in wch d society treat u as a kid ,n jus keep tellin' u r too young to decide or to talk or to be lik dis'.Den y shud nt i keep ma teddy wd me wen i want?Am damn confused...My dear Society wat u want out of ds little woman,to be ur slave? to abide by ur words?NOPE,dn expect me to be,i wil nt,Its ma very own life,i wil live it to ma heart content.Even i do have responsibilites of keeping up d family's name,Our culture n al,i wil abide by it,bt nt by ur RULES.V indian Gals,brought up in tamil culture wil always try to bring in Pride to the family n a gud reputation.So jus leav us by ourselfs,evenif  v dnt bring u pride,wil atleast hav the content of venturing towards our dreams n happiness.
D critics of d society doesnt cum only from d elder age ppls,bt do cum from our own frens as well,d ppl of our age group.An acquaintance,i hav to cal her as my fren only,cos i dnt consider anyone as ma foe,told me ma blog s rather scripted a lot,no links,no images,no quotes n much more ,c told me ,ma RSS feed s very simple n dat it wnt attract readers.Jus wanna reply her n ds article.My dear fren ,am not Rude,am not Impatient,am not Hasty,bt ppl lik u make me so ,very often,even ma yogasana's n meditation doesnt help me out to control ma temper wen u pest's talk to me lik ds.I have been tellin, its ma Style,i wil write lik dis n dis wil be ma RSS feed.D readers hav to be attracted in ma words not n d links nor d images or watever.hope u understood my dear fren.
Uuuuuuuuf,i think i got realy nuts talkin abt those frens of mine,sorry guys ,it drove me mad n anger,feelin much more relieved now.My dear Readers,i know am jus buidling up ma blog n fans,n follwers,if u feel contented reading ma blog,n if ma words really attract u ,pls do let me know,am jus dyin  to hear such words......

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